Ramesu Society International, Inc.

The 16 Paramount Kingdoms of Ra

The Ramesu Society International, Inc. utilizes the code of doctrine entitled the “42 Principles of Ma’at”. These 42 out of 147 codes serve as one of many sets of doctrines, precepts, tenets, rituals, traditions, ceremonies, observances, and religious/spiritual practices. These are practiced and developed into a religious regimen and spiritual observances to assist and give directions to members in the adherence of these principles. Worship services maintain weekly, monthly, and annual cycles respective to Spiritual Pathways, with the observed solar and lunar calendars.


01. Thou shalt not commit murder, nor bid anyone to commit murder.

02. Thou shalt not commit adultery, rape, or sodomy.

03. Thou shalt not avenge thyself, nor burn with rage.

04. Thou shalt not cause terror.

05. Thou shalt not unduly assault anyone, nor cause anyone undue pain.

06. Thou shalt not cause undue misery.

07. Thou shalt not commit any undue harm to oneself, the members of man, mankind, or to animals.

08. Thou shalt not cause the shedding of tears (undue grief).

09. Thou shalt not wrong the people, nor bear them any evil intent.

10. Thou shalt not steal, nor take that which does not belong to you.

11. Thou shalt not take more than thy fair share of food and resources.

12. Thou shalt not damage the crops, the fields, the land, or the trees.

13. Thou shalt not deprive anyone of what is rightfully theirs.

14. Thou shalt not bear false witness, nor support false allegations.

15. Thou shalt not lie, nor speak falsely to the hurt of another.

16. Thou shalt not use fiery words, nor stir up any undue strife.

17. Thou shalt not speak deceptively, nor act deceitfully to the hurt of another.

18. Thou shalt not speak scornfully against others.

19. Thou shalt not eavesdrop, nor engage in gossip.

20. Thou shalt not ignore the truth or words of righteousness.

21. Thou shalt not judge anyone hastily or harshly.

22. Thou shalt not disrespect sacred places, rituals, privileges, observances or the Temple (i.e., the body, mind, spirit).

23. Thou shalt cause no wrong to be done to any workers or prisoners.

24. Thou shalt not be angry without good reason.

25. Thou shalt not hinder the flow of running waters.

26. Thou shalt not waste the running water in the body or in nature.

27. Thou shalt not pollute the water or the land in the body or in nature.

28. Thou shalt not take God's name in vain.

29. Thou shalt not despise nor anger God.

30. Thou shalt not steal from God.

31. Thou shalt not give excessive offerings, nor less than what is due.

32. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods.

33. Thou shalt not steal from ancestors nor disrespect the dead.

34. Thou shalt remember and observe the appointed Holy days (i.e., lunar, solar, ritual, etc.).

35. Thou shalt not hold back the offerings due to God.

36. Thou shalt not interfere with sacred rites or observances.

37. Thou shalt not slaughter with evil intent any sacred animals.

38. Thou shalt not act with guile or insolence.

39. Thou shalt not be unduly proud, nor act with arrogance.

40. Thou shalt not multiply your words, nor magnify your condition beyond what is appropriate.

41. Thou shalt do no less than your daily obligations require.

42. Thou shalt obey the spiritual laws and commit no treason.


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