Ramesu Society International, Inc.

The Educational Programs, STEM Academies, Post-Secondary Prep, and Athletics Initiatives

A 501(c)(3), Not-For-Profit, Religious, Spiritual, Educational, and Charitable Organization.

The Activities

The Educational Programs:

These systems are held in after-school, out-of-school time, Saturday, and weekend Academies. The mission is to provide supplemental basic and complementary advanced K12 education supports and training opportunities to all participants. The educational programs' instruction will be accomplished through progressive onsite and virtual academics enhanced through trades, technology, career and technical education, and hands-on curricula. We use an African Heritage and Diaspora Centered Cultural Focus as the core socializing factor and methodology for instruction, matriculation and milestones, goals development, skills attainment, and success experiences. Particular interests and supports are given to economically disadvantaged, traditionally under-represented, historically low-performing, ethnic and minority populations from BIPOC communities. BIPOC (i.e., Blacks, Indigenous, Peoples of Color) participants include Blacks, African Americans, African immigrants, and African Caribbean communities.

STEM (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Academies:

Each student, upon enrollment in and attendance at the school site(s), must first build their own Personal Computer (PC) from ‘scratch’. This computer will be one of the beginning STEM Academy's projects. The task inducts each student into an advanced education and training sequence with goals in attaining skills for life-long learning and career development. The sequences will then include Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Technical Skills and Trades, Mathematics, Sciences (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.), Computer Science and Programming, Information Technology, Education, Robotics, Drone Quad-Copters and Autonomous Systems (i.e., Aerial, Aquatic, Terrain, etc.).

Post-Secondary, College and Career Preparation:

Students participate in post-secondary preparation academies. These will include ACT, SAT, and/or ASVAB test preparations (where required), and completion of college, university, technical and trade school applications. Students will visit colleges and universities, post-secondary training institutions, and take part in math, reading, and writing assessments to get their skills onto, or beyond, the required levels as needed. Scholarship applications, grant submissions, and FAFSA financial aid forms will be completed by each participant through professional supports and assistance. Participation in the annual National College Fair is mandated, whether in-person or virtual. Career Shadowing and Exploration Programs will be tailor designed permitting each participant to explore and receive exposure to various pathways. Summer Program Employment Opportunities will be collated in the externships and internships.


Participants will compete in the AAU (i.e., Amateur Athletic Union), other inter-scholastic competitions, and/or various intramural athletics associations' sports programs. These include, but are not limited to, the following: Football; Basketball; Baseball; Soccer; Gymnastics; Swimming; SCUBA Diving; Skiing; Snowboarding; Snow-Tubing; Boxing; Martial Arts; Archery; Riflery; Biking; Spinning; Horseback Riding; All Terrain Vehicles (ATV); Track and Field; Rock Climbing; Rappelling; Cross Country; Wrestling; Fishing; Hiking; Wilderness Survival; Orienteering; Sailing; etc.

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