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Rites Of Passage Stages (Basics To Age-Grade Formations)

The African Heritage Rites of PassageTM Systems and the Rites of Discovery Academy matches effective specialists to youth to guide their motivations, enhance personal growth, and develop positive social interaction. This provides a stable group and peer based infrastructure that acts as a social family, complementing high expectations, goals oriented decision-making, communal responsibility, and lifetime aspirations that are reinforced in each participant and the group. The building blocks that form group cohesion, a positive group ethos, and a guiding goal for the process and its success are based on four (4) skills training areas: 1. Self-Esteem Enhancement; 2. Decision Making; 3. Personal Control; and 4. Interpersonal Communication. The Basic Stages Of The Rites Of Passage Process are Preparation, Separation, Transition, and Reincorporation.

Stage 1: Preparation –

The stage where the candidate learns what it is to be a member. The preparation stage starts with recognition of the end in mind.

Stage 2: Separation –

The stage when the candidate is tested. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to fulfill their responsibilities within the group and their particular stage of life.

Stage 3: Transition –

The stage to become a full member. It is the betwixt and between, the rituals, and the ceremonies, where the candidate enters as a non-member and exits as a full member.

Stage 4: Reincorporation –

The stage where the groups’ new full member is presented back to the community. The new full member will be accountable for his or her new responsibilities.

Age-Grade (Ta Ra) Nexus (Inter-Generational Links)

Inception (3 Months) The Neteru, and Returning Ancestors and Hesu

Conception – 6 Years Watoto (The Children)

Age 07 – 10 Years Ajabu (The Amazing)

Age 11 – 13 Years Jelani (The Mighty)

Age 14 – 18 Years Qébu (The Company of Soldiers)

Age 19 – 22 Years Khalfani (Those Destined To Rule)

Age 23 – 28 Years Kulinda (The Protector, Guardian)

Age 29 – 41 Years Rafiki (The Jegna, Advocate)

Age 42 – 55 Years Kujénga (The Nation Builder)

Age 56 – 65 Years Kiongozi (The Counselor, Guide)

Age 66 – Older Bésu, Busara (The Living Wisdom)

Age (Any): Transition Hesu (The Blessed, Living Deceased)

Age (Any): Beatified Shepsu (The Beatified Ancestors)

Age (Any): Inception Neteru, Hesu, Ancestors into Conception and Rebirth

The Age-Grades are conferred through ascension, induction, and initiation rituals only. Nexus membership is based in the ritual processes implemented by the Priesthood. Only those participating in, and completing, the ritual processes are conferred membership. There are no honorary affiliations or associations.


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