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A 501(c)(3), Not-For-Profit, Religious, Spiritual, Educational, and Charitable Organization.



The Ramesu Society International, Inc., is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, charitable, and educational organization. We serve youth, parents, adults, families, neighborhoods, communities, and groups with under-served, under-represented, low-income, at-risk, minority and ethnic populations. Our mission focuses charitable initiatives and educational services towards their academic enhancement, cultural enrichment, community advocacy, progressive endeavors, and various emergency relief efforts. These charitable services, educational activities, neighborhood programs, and relief projects promote youth and human development, resiliency, and resolve strengthening. Thanks to donations from fundraising campaigns, the Ramesu Society International, Inc. has provided these services, and our programs offerings, in professional advisement, at-risk youth initiatives, and neighborhood-based activities to the populations that we serve. Our mission focuses on initiatives and relief efforts to participants who are BIPOC (i.e., Black, Indigenous, People of Color), including Blacks, African Americans, African immigrants, and African Caribbean populations.

We are reaching out to you donors, advocates, supporters, and philanthropists, to help us raise funds to continue and expand our initiatives. All donations are tax-deductible. We are using several verified, online resources that streamline our fund raising activities. These include Amazon Smiles, the PayPal Giving Fund, GuideStar, and the GoFundMe accounts. We are seeking donations from individuals, groups, endowments, foundations, institutions, corporations, collectives, and benefactors. Please consult your tax accountant to learn about your particular benefits when making tax-deductible, charitable donations.

We neither have access to, nor collect or ever receive, any donor's private financial, credit card, or banking account information. And we do not want, or ever know, anyone's private credentials. This is reassured by our online fundraising campaigns, and why we use Amazon Smiles, PayPal, GuideStar, and GoFundMe. Furthermore, the proof is listed below in the links provided, that we are a bona fide, approved, incorporated, and an officially IRS registered, tax-deductible, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization.



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Thank you very much for your considerations. Please see below on the means to provide any fundraising supports that you can donate!

Tax-Exempt Charitable Donations Links and Portals

Tax-exempt, charitable donations can be securely made by choosing the preferred, online process, and using either the link or donate button.

Amazon Smiles: Experience feel-good shopping.

Shop at https://Smile.Amazon.com, select or type Ramesu Society International into the search portal as your charity for donations, and Amazon donates to our organization, at no cost to you. The same products, the same prices, and the same service. You must log in using https://Smile.Amazon.com, with the same credentials that you use to access your existing Amazon or Amazon Prime account. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases that are listed for our organization. If you do not have an Amazon or Amazon Prime account, and create one, then please list us as your referral, and Amazon will donate referral funds to our campaign!

FYI and reminder: Amazon Prime Day this month is July 12-13, 2022.


PayPal Giving Fund, PayPal Fundraiser, and PayPal Donations Portal (Below):

Donations can be directly submitted through PayPal with its Giving Fund, Fundraiser, or Portal. PayPal covers all transaction fees. You’re donating through the PayPal Giving Fund, a 501(c)(3) charity, that sends your donation to the Ramesu Society International, Inc. Thanks to PayPal, donors have: [1] Safe and secure donations: Charities are in good standing so you can donate more securely; [2] No transaction fees: Help our charity pay less in fees and do more with your donation; and [3] Receive a tax receipt: A record of your kindness is sent right to your email. Further, PayPal empowers consumers to also make each purchase powerful with Give at Checkout, if desired. Donors can also support our causes that they care about with a $1 donation every time they check out with PayPal. These micro-donations can add up to a big impact for our organization. All donors need to do is set Ramesu Society International, Inc. as their favorite charity so when they check out with PayPal, our charity will show up. Please donate through a PayPal Fundraiser portal and also take advantage of Give at Checkout by setting our charity as your favorite.

PayPal Fundraiser Link:


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Contact Ramesu.Society@gmail.com to get more information on the Ramesu Society International, Inc.