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The Ramesu Society International is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established in the State of Delaware, and headquartered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, of the Unites States of America. Established in 2007, and approved as a not-for-profit entity in 2009, the Ramesu Society International provides support services and relief activities to low-income, under-served, under-represented, and/or at-risk minority and ethnic populations’ youth and their families. The focus of community based services for the general public by the Ramesu Society International are: 


(1) Youth and Family Development

This includes physical development, mental training, promotion of social responsibility, culture and arts reinforcement, academic enrichment, manhood and womanhood training, family life advisement, community development and participation, spiritual enrichment, life counseling, and personal development.


(2) Education and Training Systems

Development and conduction of activities, training and programs to assist youth, parents, families, schools, communities, and public & private agencies with educational development. This includes Early-Start/Head-Start and K through 16+ educational classes and advisement, academic enrichment, promotion of excellence in achievement, leadership skills development, youth mentoring, the building of self esteem and cultural awareness, development of education models and systems, and teacher support services.


(3) Economic and Community Development

This is for the relief, support, and advancement of the general public. It includes the establishment of community financial institutions, low-income housing complexes, food and emergency relief efforts, youth and adult employment opportunities, youth and community entrepreneurship opportunities, skills and trades education and training opportunities, etc. These and other efforts are designed to help members of the general community to gain self-help and self-development services towards self-sufficiency.

Ramesu Society International

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