06. Rites of Passage Systems (Youth)

The Rites Of Passage Systems are organized ceremonies, rites, activities, events, programs, trips, and advanced trainings for youth (males and females) ages 10 to 13 years of age (Pubescent), and ages 14 to 18 years of age (Adolescent). Youth become congregated into a Nexus (generational link) according to age, and then according to gender (male or female). The mores, ethics, culture, manhood wisdoms (males), womanhood wisdoms (females), jobs and career training skills are imparted to those who will become adult members of the General Public. Status changes are instant once the systems are completed. The status change includes new roles and responsibilities for the age-grades, and each individual youth. 

• Critical Thinking Skills Workshops 
• Advanced Academic Enrichment 
• College/Career/Post Secondary Preparation 
• Family and Community Development (Nationhood)
• Cultural Enrichment Workshops 
• Trust and Interdependence Skills 
• Athletic Trainings and Competitions 
• World Languages Trainings