07. Rites of Passage (Young Adults)

The Ramesu Society International, Inc. trains and educates general public and community members to become the pillars of society, and to become the nation builders of their neighborhoods. And as such, the training and education regimen involves scheduled and designed tasks, trials, and community volunteerism of participants in order to help each of them to display and master the following skills sets:

01) Generosity; 
02) Discipline; 
03) Patience; 
04) Courage; 
05) Insight; 
06) Wisdom; 
07) Trades; 
08) Humility; 
09) Vitality; 
10) Enlightenment; 
11) Physical Challenges; and
12) Communal Education and Reciprocity.

After successful completion of all requirements, the successful 
participants will reflect the following 8 standard traits and attributes in all aspects of their daily lives:

01) Quality of Leadership; 
02) Understanding of Organizational Structures; 
03) Self-deployed Management Styles and Systems; 
04) Volunteer Supports Towards General Public Services; 
05) Professional Role Modeling To Community Youth and Children;
06) Quality of Life Services and Observances; 
07) Quality of Life Improvement(s); and
08) Supports for the General Public in all Neighborhoods.