03. Community Based Services

The Jegna are community Elders and Nation Builders who have been educated and trained in the arts and sciences of Rites of Passage Systems and Programs. These systems prepare youth for proper adulthood development, and provide resources to students, families, and individuals for community cohesion. Academies are provided directly by the Jegna. Other resources or services are either provided directly, or are referral services to alliance partners.

Other resources and services include, but are not limited to:

·       Professional Development Seminars and Workshops

·       Safe Schools and Communities Mini-Conferences

·       Rites of Passage Systems and Programs for Youth

·       Rites of Passage Certification Courses for Adults

·       Peer Mediation Initiatives for Schools and Youth

·       Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs (ATOD), and Violence prevention and intervention programs such as:


Ø  The Leadership and Resiliency Program (LRP)

Ø  Student Assistance Process (SAP) Supports

Ø  Dating Violence Prevention Workshops

Ø  Sexual Misconduct Prevention Workshops

Ø  Safety Awareness Assemblies and Seminars

Ø  Saturday Advanced Youth Leadership Academy

Ø  Critical Thinking Skills Development Seminars

Ø  SPIRIT Program (Youth-Led Interventions)

Ø  HEADS UP! Violence Intervention Program

Ø  Peers Making Peace (PMP) RBI Initiative

Ø  Gang Awareness and Intervention Trainings

Ø  Peer Mediation; Peer-To-Peer Supports

Ø  ATOD and Violence Prevention Seminars

Ø  And Much More.