04. School Based Services

Professional Development Workshops and Conferences

These workshops and conferences are facilitated year-round, and address the multi-faceted issues of school safety, community climate, ATOD prevention, youth development, community issues, gang intervention trainings, resiliency development, youth mentoring, cultural enhancement, academic enrichment, emergency response and crisis management, sexual misconduct intervention and dating violence prevention, and safe corridors/zones of passage.


Rites of Passage Systems and Academies

These systems and programs are designed to prepare youth for positive adulthood. This is accomplished through seminars, challenges, workshops, gender specific meetings, development of group resolution skills, enhancement of resistance skills against making dangerous decisions, and exposure to additional resources for pathways to excellence.


PRIME STEP Academies

These systems are the career exploration and college preparation academies for high school aged students, and post secondary aged youth. These academies give practical experiences for participants in various career fields, and can include youth employment, career shadowing opportunities, visits to colleges and universities, and mentoring pairing between participants and professionals in the respective fields of interest.


Peer Mediation Certification and Youth Council Establishment

These systems are designed to survey, recruit, establish and implement school-wide peer mediation supports and councils. Both educators and student peer-leaders are educated, trained, and certified to manage and operate the program. Trainers develop and monitor the established systems from start-up to full capacity, and offer guidance and on-going training to all participants, both students and mediators.


Leadership and Resiliency Programs and Systems For Youth

This research based intervention and evidence based system grants positive challenges to youth participants in the development of leadership skills, resolution skills, and resistance skills to using violence to solve issues. This system also allows youth to showcase skills sets through planned and available opportunities in schools and their communities.


Saturday Academies

These programs include specific activities and trainings for male and female students ages 13 through 19 years. This activities of these Academies and programs include, but are not limited to, the following: Leadership development seminars; World Language sessions; Athletic Competitions (Basketball Tournaments, Football, Hockey, Fitness/Calisthenics, etc.); Resiliency development workshops; Employment opportunities; Martial Arts academies; Cultural heritage clubs; and Community Town Hall Meetings with students, parents, and other youth. Contact our office for more details and information.